Stress Therapies

Popular Stress Management Therapies

Is stress taking a toll on your life? Are you stressed to the stage of exhaustion? Have you tried all the techniques and medications available? And, the results could not match your expectations?

There is one more avenue open for you then. Go for some of the popular therapies for stress management. Your healthcare provider can suggest you the best way out, but here are the various options that you can choose from.

Massage involves gentle stroking of the skin. This gentle stroking has a soothing influence on the brain and helps you get rid of stress. Massage also helps alleviate pain and brings down the stress levels considerably.

Acupressure is the process of applying pressure at select points in the body, known as pressure points. Applying pressure to these pressure points improves the flow of blood, which in turn enhances your overall nervous system. This helps you get rid of stress.

Both acupressure and acupuncture work on the same lines to help you get rid of stress. However, the only difference is that acupuncture makes use of several needles to apply pressure to the pressure points. These needles are pricked at specific points which can make acupuncture very painful.

Reflexology is a natural stress management therapy that works on massaging your feet. Special points in your feet known as reflexes are massaged in reflexology. This helps ease out the body tension, which in turn helps relieve stress.

Aromatherapy makes use of various essential oils to help you get rid of stress. When the vapor of these oils is inhaled, it relaxes the brain and the nervous system. As a result, you are able to get rid of stress.

Color Therapy
It is a lesser known fact that colors can influence your mood. Different colors have a different effect on your mind and body. Color therapy requires you to spend more time surrouned with soothing colors when you are stressed.

Shiatsu is basically referred to as a type of massage used to alleviate stress. However, unlike a normal massage that is performed on the entire body, shiatsu massage is performed only on select body parts. If you are considering using shiatsu for stress management, you may go to a shiatsu specialist or buy a shiatsu massage chair.

The process of smudging involves burning of various herbs. When the smoke that is released from the burning of smoke is inhaled, it cleanses the system. This in turn helps ward off stress.

Many a times, your stress may be the result of excessive accumulation of toxins in the body. Detox helps you get rid of these toxins and wards of stress.

Different therapies suit the requirements of different segments of sufferers of stress. Choose whichever you find convincing for yourself or whichever has been prescribed for you. They are effective and accepted ways to beat stress. A prescription is of course always advisable.