Stress Therapies

Reflexology For Stress Management

Reflexology is yet another addition to various other techniques and methods that can help you get rid of stress. This technique focuses on massaging select points also known as reflexes in your feet to provide stress relief.

What is reflexology?
Reflexology is a holistic form of healing that involves the massaging of the feet. There are several points in the feet that are known as reflexes. When the reflexes in the feet are massaged, the body tension and the stress eases out. This holistic treatment offers relief from exhaustion, fatigue, tiredness and stress. It helps you get rid of the negative thoughts and emotions and de-stresses the body.

How is it performed?
As mentioned earlier, this process involves massaging the reflexes in the feet. There are four different techniques that are used for massaging in reflexology. You need to massage the feet with all these techniques to relieve stress effectively.

* Rotation- In this technique, the reflex is slightly pressed. The fingers are rotated on the reflex area and then slowly released.
* Caterpillar- Press the reflex with the tip of your thumb. Now, slowly lower the thumb so that the remaining portion of the thumb touches the feet. While the lower pad of the thumb touches the feet, slightly push the tip of the thumb ahead so that it creates a caterpillar motion.
* Stroking - After you have performed the rotation and caterpillar movement, press the reflex with both the thumbs. Now, slightly sweep the thumbs across the reflex area. This will ease out tension.
* Caressing- This is the last movement. You need to caress the area by light stroking with alternate fingers.

How does it combat stress?
As per Chinese treatment, it is the imbalance of a vital energy called chi in the body that causes stress. Reflexology balances this chi to help you get rid of stress and alleviates all kind of tension. As per Chinese belief, this vital energy or Chi flows through the body in definite paths known as meridians.

When this energy becomes blocked, you become stressed. Reflexology restores this energy balance by massaging certain points in the feet. As per reflexology, all the body parts and organs are connected to the feet. A different zone is marked as a reflex point for different body parts.

When these reflexes in the body are massaged, they interrupt the stress signals. This induces a relaxation effect in the body.

Where can you get it done?
If you are considering using reflexology to fight stress then you need to go to a professional reflexology practitioner. A typical reflexology session lasts for thirty minutes. In most cases, the patient feels quite relaxed and at ease after a session.