Know Stress

Chemical Stress And Its Management

You have probably heard of emotional stress, job stress, physical stress and other forms of stress. There is yet another form of stress that you may have to deal with- chemical stress. Here is all that you need to know about it.

What is chemical stress?
We ingest a great quantity of chemicals on a daily basis. These chemicals can be in the form of food, drinks, pills and the like. Use of cosmetic products like lipsticks and lip gloss can also result in intake of chemicals. This constant consumption of chemicals results in stress, which is better known as chemical stress.

How To Deal With Chemical Stress?
Most problems can be dealt with by eliminating the root cause of the problem. The same goes for chemical stress as well. You can deal with chemical stress only by cutting down on the intake of chemicals. However, it is hard to ascertain the level of chemical in every thing that you eat or drink. Thus, it would only be wise to steer clear of the things that cause maximum harm. Here are some of them.

Caffeine is one of the best known stimulants. Most people have a cup of coffee at the start of the day to increase their level of arousal. Excessive consumption of caffeine can be harmful and can even cause stress. If you are taking several cups of coffee in a day, you may find yourself hyperactive, twitchy and even irritable. It is best to limit your coffee intake to not more than two cups a day. Switching to decaffeinated coffee can also be a good thing.

Many people use alcohol as a stress buster. Though small amount of alcohol is relaxing, this substance can cause stress when consumed in excess. Alcohol hinders with the normal functioning of your body and even disrupts sleep. In the long run, it can also have adverse effects on your health. Which can again be a cause of stress.

Puffing a cigarette may help you ease out for a few minutes but it will not help you stay relaxed for long. Researches and studies have proved that smoking increases your heart rate as well as your stress levels. Give up smoking and you will notice the difference it makes to your overall stress levels.

If you are feeling stressed then eating a bar of chocolate can help lift up your moods. While eating sugar may help curb stress, it can make you feel lethargic and dizzy. This is because the body secretes insulin to tackle the large amount of sugar. Once the insulin controls the sugar levels, it continues to function, causing a decrease in energy.

Thus, the best solution to fighting chemical stress is to avoid eating foods that can increase your chemical intake. Instead, you should opt for a healthier and well balanced diet that can keep you healthy and stress free.