How to Destress

10 Stress Management Tips - Getting Rid of the Biggest Non-medical Killer

Stress is considered to be the biggest non-medical killer of human beings. Though stress can play a positive role in your life, it ends up inducing many types of bodily complications. Hence, it is highly important to control this invisible killer.

The biggest factor that has contributed to an increased amount of stress in our lives is hectic work schedules. One can add to it factors like performance anxiety, meeting deadlines, and social pressures. What one eventually gets is a tired mind that is completely worked out.

Relaxation plays an important role in stress management. Reducing our workloads can help us relax. However, there are many other things that need to be done in order to effectively manage stress.

Here are a few things that you can do.

1. Improve your breathing- It often happens that we get so engrossed with our work that we forget to take regular breaths. As a result, we quickly and frequently get out of breath. It may appear very insignificant but lack of proper breathing does induce stress in us. It can be countered by consciously focusing upon our breaths. Instead of shallow breathing, you consciously need to take in deep breaths.

2. Do some meditation- Meditation will help you bring thoughts in your mind, all together. It will help you focus them on to one single thing. This will eventually help you in concentrating on your work, thereby reducing your workload.

3. Avoid focus only on work- When you concentrate only on work, you are unknowingly inviting a lot of stress upon you. Hence, it is better that once you complete important assignments, you take your mind off work for some time. Have a look around to find some distraction. Focus your thought and energy on that and feel relaxed and satisfied.

5. Talk to people around you- Have a healthy relationship with people around you. This will help you reduce any sort of emotional stress that can crop up due to work-related aloofness. If not handled, it can wreak a lot of psychological havoc and disrupt your day-to-day functioning.

6. Eat good food- Stress can be busted with the help of your favorite food. However, do not binge on deep fried stuff. It will lead to accumulation of fat and cholesterol, which would make you sluggish.

Further, instead of drinking coffee, it is better to switch to green tea. It will help in bringing down the levels of cortisol, a noted stress inducing hormone. 

7. Go vacationing- All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It also adds to his stress. Hence, it is better for Jack to take some time off work and go for a vacation. This will soothe his nerves and take his mind off work for some time.

8. Stress removing therapies- You can try out stress removing massage therapies. Massages can rejuvenate your entire body system and give you a fresh sensation in your entire body. If you don't have time for a parlor massage, do it yourself at home. Add some aromatherapy as well.

9. Listen to some music- Instead of remaining glued to your TV, it is better that you listen to your favorite music. It will calm down your frail nerves and help you relax.

10. Lastly, remember stress management is all about relaxing, of staying away from too much of stressful activity in day-to-day life. Apart from doing something to feel relaxed, you can also feel relaxation in your head all the while. It would definitely help.