Coping With Stress

Fetal Non Stress Test

A fetal non stress test is nothing but measurement of fetal heart rate responding to the movements of fetus. Usually heart beat of a healthy fetus goes up with movement of fetus. This test is usually done in very last of pregnancy or when baby is about to be delivered. To know more about it, read fetal non stress test

You may wonder how this fetal non stress test is performed. The process involved is as follows:

A) The test is usually conducted in prenatal testing rooms of a hospital.

B) Pregnant lady is made to lie down and a belt is placed around the abdomen along with an external fetal heart rate monitor.

C) The fetal heart beat is displayed by the monitor which could also be printed out.

The expectant mother is directed to press the button on the monitor whenever she feels the movement of fetal. It places a mark on the paper printout. Process continues for around half an hour.

Fetal non stress test could also conducted during fetal sleep cycle. A specially designed sound tool is handy in awakening the fetus. It could be put on pregnant woman's abdomen. It sound like a buzzer.

Little increase in heart rate shows normality of the heart. While no response of fetal heart is an indication of some problem. Symptoms of stress on heart could be adjudged even at this stage with the help of this test. If mother is under stress, the baby might also suffer from stress. So, expectant mother must aim at stress reduction and seeking stress relief. Coping stress of pregnancy is obvious for expectant mother. So she must know stress management tips, stress management techniques and stress management tools to do so.