Coping With Stress

When Running A Stress Management Center

It is reported that yoga is one of the fastest expanding business, not in India, but USA! How this industrial expansion and the modern gadgets gradually built up the levels of stress is experienced by everybody. In metropolitan centers and now even at the district levels, there is lots of business scope if you desire to open and run a stress management center.

Even if you are an ideal family, both of you plus two children, each one of you has different types of stress. The stress of your teenager son is entirely different from the stress of your teenager daughter. Your individual stresses are different. That means, in one family there are four candidates ready for taking admission in your stress management center.

What should be the basic syllabus of your stress management center? You need to appoint expert counselors, a yoga teacher, a teacher who teaches perfect art of meditation, and an open space for doing light exercises. It is preferable for you to have the center in the outskirts of the city or even in rural settings. If you can provide a residential course, it would be more appropriate.

People would be happy to get away from the maddening crowd of the cities. Fresh milk and green vegetables are available in cheap rates, as compared to the cities. And people would like to live and enjoy the greenery.

You need to carefully divide your students depending upon the level and type of stress.

The types of stress vary from individual to individual and from profession to profession. Women, generally have domestic types of stresses. You may have to tackle the physical, mental and intellectual level of stresses.

As the head of the stress management center, you need to give pep talks as well as information filled lectures for the benefit of the students as well as your teachers. You need to maintain your own confidence levels, as the students will look forward for a role model in you. You need to have adequate knowledge of yoga and meditation. In short, you should be a jack of all trades as far as stress management is concerned.

The important stress management tools are medication and yoga—the physical exercises are part of it. If these two departments work well, your stress treated patients are your best advertisement. More and more people will join you, because the stress levels all over the world are increasing.

The investment part of creating a new center is also not high. In rural set-up, it would be much cheaper.