How to Destress

Time Management is Easy Now- Do's and Don'ts at Fingertips

Lack of time management is something which plays an important role in increasing stress levels. Further, some of the best efforts in time management can result in mismanagement, all because of few unimportant things. But not longer as here is a list od do's and don'ts to help you manage time more effectively.

Things to Do to Manage Time

1. Prepare a priority list of things to do. Stick to this list while doing things in life. Do important things first.

2. Try to avoid any disruption to your work schedule. If things or people disrupt your life or work-schedule do not hesitate to go into a protective shell.  Remember, it is your work which is priority and not other things.

3. Prepare a list of To-do-Things. Keep this list handy. Correct yourself if at any point of time you start veering off this list.

4. Rigorously train yourself to work in a routine. If anything breaks up this routine then figure out ways to eliminate such things.

5. Do not try to multi-task. Do things one at a time. It often happens that the thought of other pending jobs on your mind hamper your ability to finish the one in hand.

6. Start saying "No" to others at work. Reject all chances of other people passing on their work to you.

7. Have some time for self-evaluation and self-introspection. This would help you assess whether you are capable of dealing with your present chaotic situation. Prioritizing things would then be easy to do.

8. Work hard but do not drive yourself to the wall. Instead, work at a slow but steady pace, and for as long as possible. This would increase the chances of success.

9. Limit the time that you spend on socializing. Keep conversations short,-- somewhat formal, and to the point. Follow this style even when you are at work.

10. Eat healthy food and exercise regularly so that your energy levels are always high. This would help you work hard for sustained periods of time.

Things Not to Do In Order To Manage Time

There are three things which you should not do in order to better manage your time. These are as follows:

1. Keeping emotional issues unresolved: Unresolved emotional issues would always hamper your ability to work. Hence, it is best to resolve them in any manner possible. Talk to the people concerned or talk to a counselor.

2 Easily getting distracted: You would not be able to manage time effectively if you get easily distracted. Practice to remain focused. Learn how to meditate, it would surely help if you have problem concentrating on important things.

3. Low levels of health: An ailing body is home to an ailing mind. Hence, stay fit and healthy so that your mind too remains the same. Eat nutritious food and exercise regularly.