How to Destress

Some Great Tips for Positive Anger Management

In the present times, it has become more important to fight stress. The reason being now-a-days, people are more tensed, the workload has increased, and money matters a lot.. Thus, the present generation is much more under stress. That is why the problems related with stress are increasing. It should be fought with the right spirit at the right time, so that it does not cause any harm.

If you think at a deeper level, you can realize that there are always two voices inside you. Whenever something goes wrong, you get two opinions from your heart. Let us name them as “two wolves”. The one is the good one; which wants to live in harmony with everybody around. But, the second is an angry one. This one urges to take revenge even for small issues. So, whom should you listen to, and how to control the second one?

Obviously, you should try to ignore the latter. You have a choice either to feed your anger or the healthy feelings. Now, feeding anger is a much easier than the other. You can play the blame game and the enflame game to feed your anger. In the blame game, all you have to do is find someone to blame for the thing.

And, in the enflame game, you have to enflame the anger within you. You can try convincing people that what you are thinking is right. The more people on your side the more inflamed your anger gets. But, these two things take a good deal of energy and time, and leave you with nothing or little to find out a solution for the problem.

So, it is better to feed the healthy feelings to get over the anger. You should play the diffuse game. All you have to do is put a few questions to yourself. Ask yourself am I enjoying this state? How firmly I want to feel this anger? And, for how long? I am sure answers to these questions will let you calm down and concentrate on the solution rather than the problem.

Remember, anger can mar your capability of thinking! Pause and think, and you will get over your anger.