How to Destress

Stress: Daily Self-Care Habits to Manage Stress

Stress and today’s busy life have become almost like two parts of the same coin. The busy schedule of today's life results in stress. Our life is full of different types of stress. Stress can be good or it can be bad. What ever the stress may be, it may be a real crisis or it may be an imagined one, the result can be harmful for both our body and mind.
There are self-care tips to deal with stress. This is what this article will talk about.

1. Make it a habit of noticing stress
Try to find out the causes, which result in stress in your life. You may notice that you get stress when you meet some people, or face some places or situations. Once you get the cause of your stress or tension, you can predict when it is going to occur.

2. Make a habit of asking for help.
If you are unable to handle a situation, you can always take other peoples help. You may build a team of people around you whom you can trust and rely upon for help.  A coach can help you to give you honest advice about your efforts. You can make your family doctor as a team member who listens to your problems. A financial planner, a massage therapist and an exercise partner can became a part of your team.

3. Get in the habit of bouncing back.
When your stress is under control, think of your self-care plan. Now imagine that you are under stress. Make a plan about what you will do to face the situation. Try to put your plan in action when real life situations create stress for you. This will help you to bounce back.

4. Make it a habit of relaxing.
Practice some relaxation techniques like breathing, meditation and playing or listening to music every day. When ever you feel you are going in a stressful situation, just use these tools to relax.

5. Learn to be grateful.
The attitude of ours comes from our emotions, and emotions come from our thoughts. Think about the things which you are good at or the things you should be grateful about. It will result in positive attitude and thinking. Positive thinking is your strength which can lead a better life, free from stress.

6. Get in the habit of creating.
Do some thing new, it may be a new recipe, or write down some thing or write a poem, bang a drum, do a craft or take a dance class or do something different which can give you satisfaction that you are creating something.

7. Get in the habit of putting your stuff away.
 Always try to keep yourself organized. This helps you to think straight and to focus. A place for everything and everything in its place is a tried and tested formula which keeps you organized and doesn’t add on to existing stress.

 8. Get in the habit of breathing.
Breathing is regarded as the simplest and quickest way to relax from stress. When you focus on your breathing, stress automatically comes down.

9. Get in the habit of daydreaming.
Dream something, image about a holiday. Just close your eyes and imagine about going to the place, picture somewhere you want to be.

10. Get in the habit of giggling.
Laugh out loud every day. Laughing is one of the best solutions for stuff away stress.
Never let your stress get a better way in you, always find the strategies of the stress and try to manage it.