How to Destress

Tips to Reduce Stress That Causes Hair Loss!

Your emotions have a bearing on your hair. When you are upset emotionally, your radiant and shining hair will look dull and lifeless. The strength of your hair depends on your physical and emotional health. In such a situation, your hair will become waxy and begin to fall since there will be excess production of sebaceous glands.

Stress affects your hair in the same way as it affects other parts of the body. Apart from causing hair loss, stress can cause other problems of the hair too. The problems may generally start after 3 to 6 months of the trauma period. When you recover from stress, your body goes in the state of equilibrium. In such a state, the hair loss ceases. In order to stop hair loss due to stress, the person should follow some stress management techniques.

Deep breathing is one of the most perfect stress management techniques which is also called the core component of many stress management techniques. Another important method to reduce stress for preventing hair loss is imagery. In imagery, the person relaxes through pleasant and relaxing images. These images calm the body and mind of the person. On seeing some particular image, the person needs to have a control on the breathing techniques. Generally, you should not view a rough or negative image as it may have an adverse effect. So, you should view an image that soothes you.

Meditation is one of the most popular stress management techniques to do away with stress. The prime target of meditation is to focus on the core of one’s inner being. Meditation gives a big relief to the mind, body and the emotions of a person.  It is good to practice meditation near the ocean or on the lake or hill.

In case you want to be mentally relaxed, you can use progressive muscle relaxation technique. Though this is a physical relaxation technique, it gives mental relaxation. In this procedure, muscle groups are tightened and relaxed in succession. The other main techniques to remove stress are autogenic training and biofeedback. These techniques destroy stress and restore your beautiful hair back to some extent.