Types Of Stress

How To Manage Situational Stress?

Well, it could have been anything from an earthquake to the disconnection of your telephone line. This is situational stress. It occurs when you are not able to chalk a way out of a particular situation.

It could occur anywhere – at home, workplace, school, while driving or in relationships. One needs to maintain the right frame of mind and stay calm to cope with such circumstances. Major catastrophes result into severe stress and one has to handle it smartly.

You can experience situational stress at home, with your kids or spouse. Apart from home, all social conditions carry the possibilities of situational stress. It could be at school/college, at market place, at gym, at your club, or any other social gathering.

The following steps can help you pave a path for yourself:

A) Evaluate the magnitude of the problem: Is the problem too big to handle? What exactly is the severity of it? Is it actually under your control? These are some questions you need to ask yourself

B) Exercise the maximum possible control: Do whatever you can to control the situation. Make full efforts to handle the crisis.

C) Gather as much information as possible: Suppose it is an earthquake and your mom is out for shopping. You would obviously feel stressed and would like to know whether she is safe. All you need to do is gather information pertaining to her whereabouts.

D) Do not isolate yourself: Do not build a glass cabin around you. DO not be under the impression that you alone can only solve the problem.

E) Set goals: Frame your goals. What exactly are you looking forward to? What do you want to do in the prevailing situation? How would you have liked to handle the situation?

F) Accept the fact that your reaction is the only thing you can control: You need to realize that it's just your reaction that you can control. What is happening is just not within your reach.

G) Take care of yourself: Eat properly and take proper rest. Generally people do not pay attention to their health and nutrition, when faced with a stressful situation, which is definitely wrong. It is very important because it gives you the strength to fight against the problem.

H) Ask others for help: There is no harm in asking others for help. Sometimes when your mind has already reached a stagnation point, others' ideas can really work wonders.

I) Let not the crisis multiply: Try your level best to stop the crisis from multiplying. Let the problem not get bigger.

J) A short term therapy is not a bad idea: You can also go in for a short term therapy and thus gain some relief and piece of mind.

If none of the above stated is able to provide relief, you need not fret. Certain stress management medications and techniques can pull you out of the stressful situation.