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Planning a Baby Shower? These Tips Make It Stress Free

Are you planning for a baby shower? , It  is the  most pleasant way for the mom-to-be get much attention and have  fun. But you need to make the  up coming baby shower a memorable one.

Consult, Consult, Consult!

It is a good idea that the parents should consult with the mummy-to-be. Before actually inviting the guests, sit down with the mom-to-be and ask her about her expectations from the event. What would she like to do to make the event a fun and memorable one?  Let the mom tell you what she finds comfortable and fun.
If the baby shower is meant to be a surprise one, then ask the dad to be about an appropriate guest list and suitable time.  It would also be a good idea to talk to others friends and relatives and get their suggestions. After all it is the mom-to-be who should enjoy and have fun and feel comfortable.
After you have consulted the mom and your friends and relatives, sit down and plan the event.

Themes for the day

Planning the baby shower is fun. You have to decide when and how you are going to hold the event and whom you will be inviting. You may be nervous and overwhelmed, especially if it is the first time that you are holding such an event. That is perfectly normal. Remember that there is always a first time to everything.
There are showers which are simply a gathering of family and friends, the mom opening her gifts and eating yummy food. Then again, showers may be elaborate affairs with themes and games. Here are some ideas to get you going.
Instead of just ladies, try to invite  couples. , You can have some fun games like who can diaper the baby doll the fastest and make  the men challenge the women. It can be a fun occasion for dads also.

The mom may have everything she needs for her baby and you may still want to make it a special occasion.  Instruct the guests to bring gifts for the mom like  bath and beauty products or consumables like diapers, wipes, baby powder and  shampoos.

It will be a great fun if you insist your guests to bring the favorite recipes for the mom, which she can use after the little one, arrives. Or go one better and have the guests bring the dish which she might be just too worn out to cook herself.

You can help the guests by determining what to bring as a gift. In the invitation itself assign each guest a random time of day and tell them to bring an appropriate gift, like blankets for naptime. Or arrange different room for different guest and tell them to bring gifts for the room.

Make the guests bring things which were their favorite things during their childhood. Books, movies, security blankets make wonderful gifts. You can even have a birthday party with a  birthday cake, streamers, party hats, and party games. It will be a great  way to celebrate a birth.

Once the date has been fixed,  make a list of the guest and choose a location. You can choose your own home or any other place depending on the theme. A restaurant or may be a tea room can be a better place.

As the date nears
With the big decisions made and all planned for you can relax and breathe easy. As the date comes closer, you may feel a bit of stress and anxiety. It is always good to take a last minute look at plans. You may discover things which you have missed out at the last minute.

Two to three weeks before the event, prepare the invites and make sure that the directions to the location are included. Order the cake from the bakery. Shop for the decorations and the prizes you want to give away to those who win games.

About one week before the event, you may want to confirm the number of guests and make follow up calls, if required.
Just one day before the event, either purchase food and prepare platters or pick up the prepared platters if you had decided on that. Make sure that you buy film and batteries for the camera. Gift wrap the prizes and review instructions for the games. Make sure the home is nice and clean.

On the day of the event, decorate the party area. Buy any last minute items. Arrange the tables and the food. Last but not the least, have fun!!!