Types Of Stress

Sunday Night Syndrome – You wish Monday never comes!

People all over the world are aware of Sunday night blues and they just feel gloomy as they are near to say goodbye to a beautiful and amazing weekend. They simply feel disheartened at the thought of the weekend being almost ended with this Sunday.

On Sunday evenings, people tend to have mixed feelings. Some make plan about the work which they want to do the next week, some simply feel low and do not want to do anything.  These feelings are both positive and negative. Sometimes you will feel a real excitement and challenge about the work of the coming week and feel a sense of love for the coming assignments. In case you have this type of sensation, you are on the path of positive stress management.

People on Sunday nights have the feeling of anxiety, tiredness and they just feel low at the prospect of going into grinding the next day. They think that they will have to face lots of eventualities on Monday, they will be accountable for several things and they have to perform to the satisfaction of their bosses in the office. All these put together and they feel lonely. They think that the quality time they spent with their near and dear ones is coming to an end and they will again be going into the grinding as usual. However, mastery on the stress management techniques can make the mind free from all these worries. This ability will erase any kind of negative mixed feelings in case of a working person. Many people have felt Sunday night syndrome from time to time. You need to analyze as to how serious this Sunday night syndrome is. 

As per some studies, anxiety begins on the evening of Sunday in many people. However, by the time the person goes back to work on Monday, the anxiety is gone slowly. The prime reason for this is the less recovery time of just two days from the hectic 5-day work schedule. In such a situation, the person should relax and enjoy seeing a movie or play a game with his friends or relatives.

In case of moderate Sunday night syndrome, there is anxiety as the week approaches will full of activities. The anxiety in moderate Sunday night syndrome does not pass as easily as mild Sunday night syndrome. In this case, you have the strange feeling that Monday morning should never come. This is the reason that you keep yourself awake for late Sunday hours. The severe night syndrome begins on the Friday evening and by the time Sunday evening comes, people experience strong anxiety attacks.