Stress Management

7 Leading Causes of Stress

In the year 1967, Thomas H. Holmes and Richard H. Rahe from the University of Washington, did a study about the connection between the life events and illness. In their study they compiled a chart of the major causes of stress. In 1967, it was found that there were  43 causes of stress. In the year 2006, this list was updated to 55 causes. Obviously, the number of factors which cause stress today is much more than about 4 decades ago.

If you are able to know about the causes of stress in your life, would you take some steps to eradicate them? Can stress be eradicated or is it something you will have to live with until it eventually causes your death?

Which one of the following is most stressful for you?

1. Finances

All most every study relating to stress has found that finances are a leading cause for stress. When LifeCare conducted its survey online,  23% of the respondents named finance as the leading cause of stress in their lives. Stress related to finance has led the list many times.

Digging a little deeper, stress can be cause by purchases of a car or a home, loss of income or mounting credit card debt. Bankruptcy is another major reason for financial stress. Some college students get stressed over the paying for an education, and for the senior citizens the retirement income becomes a major cause of stress.

2. Work

Next to finance, work is also a major cause of stress. In the LifeCare poll 21% of the respondents given work as their main cause for stress.

How workplace can be a cause for stress? In our work place we worry about getting and keeping a good job. We become stressed over new responsibilities and duties. We struggle to climb the career ladder and are  overwhelmed by the demands of our bosses. The working conditions may change, or we may have some interpersonal trouble at our work place. Home work for the students becomes a major cause. Work stress is sometimes brought up by other, while some time we bring it to ourselves.

3. Family

A family is a wonderful institution. Arguments within a family are common and can lead to stressful situations.  Arguments with a spouse or with other family member, divorce of parents and marriage of children are some of the main cause of stress.

Health condition of the family member is also a major cause of stress, a sick family member or a serious injured person, pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion all such things causes stress. Adoption, relocation etc causes stress in the family.

4. Personal Concerns

All most every time personal concerns are created by others. And personal concern is also a leading cause for stress. Lack of self control  is the main cause of  stress. Every human being has a desire to have control over his or her own life. When this control weakens, we face stress.

Holding a job, participating in children’s carpool to school, shopping, scout meetings, trying to keep house hold running all these are the major causes of stress. You should always try to control your time rather than letting others control it.

Involvement in legal proceedings causes stress. Personal changes of any type cause stress.

5. Personal Health and Safety

For many people personal health becomes a main cause for stress. Some people get stress because of a  desire to lose weight. Some people want to get rid of a bad habit like smoking or alcohol and that causes stress. For others stress itself is a personal bad habit and it must be changed. A serious injury or may be a minor illness is a leading cause for stress, personal health is more or less stressful according to the degree of seriousness.

Safety related to personal life is also a major cause of stress. Women get more stress than men in matters concerning their safety. Adults get stressed out more often than youngsters do. Crime is also a major factor for stress.

6. Personal Relationships

Relationship always becomes a major cause of stress; it may be friendship, dating, remarriage, separation, marriage or divorce. We may be expecting more from a relationship than we get from it. Relationships may be placing more demands on time, money and emotions, than they are giving to us.

7. Death

Death of a beloved one or a close friend is a most wrenching cause of stress. Children are regarded as the source of love and affection, but when a child dies the stress is overwhelming. When a spouse dies, stress is unbearable.

Win or Lose

Where ever you go, or what ever you may be, factors that give us stress  will never let you go. They will always be with you. That is a fact of life. The stressed child who threw tantrums becomes a young student, stressed by the school bully. The young student becomes a teenager, stressed out by hormones and dating. As a young adult the events like leaving home, adjusting to college life and managing finances are all stressful situations and have to be dealt with. Stress is everywhere.

To know about the main cause of stress is important, and also using that knowledge to win over unhealthy stress is very essential.