Stress Management

Adenosine Stress Test

The adenosine stress test is conducted on patients who are likely to have some sort of heart abnormality and can't be put on treadmill stress test due to medical reasons. In absence of exercise, pressure on blood flow is created through adenosine medication. It serves the purpose of exercise perfectly well. To know more about it, read adenosine stress test

The medicine results in changes in the blood flow in the heart. This adenosine stress test is conducted on the patients who are unable to walk on a treadmill. This adenosine stress test helps detect possibility of coronary artery disease and other health conditions related to heart. Consumption of caffeine is strictly prohibited before 24 hours of test. Over the counter medication must be checked for caffeine content. If you happen to be a patient of asthma, it's must to avoid the ophyline medication. In case of heart patients on drug, certain medicines are also not allowed before the test.

Test is conducted by injecting adenosine into veins. Blood flow to left ventricle increases as a result. With the help of electro cardiograph monitor, electrocardiogram readings are noted. Before it, a resting EKG should be done to compare and evaluate the condition properly. Regular blood pressure monitoring is also done during adenosine stress test. After forty minutes of test, camera images that were taken in the resting and medicated stages are taken again.

Doctor's reach at conclusion through observation of these images and analysis of electro cardiogram. Adenosine stress test induces stress on heart to see how well heart can cope up with stress. In fact, heart is quite vulnerable to all kind of stresses related to life. Mental stress and tension is far more dangerous than physical stress. It also has great repercussions on heart. Constant anxiety and stress may give way to cardiac complications. Good health management and stress reduction is required to do away with the fear of heart problems. For, heart patients must be acquainted with stress management tips and certain stress management techniques. Personal stress management is suggested in preventing heart disease.