Stress Management

Stages Of Stress

There are three stages a person goes through while suffering from stress. Know more about them...

Alarm Stage: Look at a student's face just before he is going to give an exam. Isn't the fear and tension clearly evident? When something has just started stressing you and you feel a fight or flight kind of attitude, then you are in the alarm stage of stress. It is the start up stage which defines the first reaction to the stressor.

This stage experiences an over acting of the sympathetic nervous system wherein adrenaline and cortisol increase and blood flows away from the brain to the muscles. As a result, dendrites shrink back in the brain to moderate the flow of information, slowing or closing down the nonessential body functions. The whole body starts preparing itself to fight against the reason of stress. The fear, excitement or pressure is evident on the sufferer's face.

Resistance Stage: When a child is sitting in the examination hall and writing his exam, he is bothered about completing it in time. He is making full efforts to cope with the situation and his whole body is engaged in fighting against the condition. This is the resistance stage. In this stage, the body keeps making continuous efforts to cope with stress and therefore feels run down and exhausted. The person starts feeling irritated, over reacts to minor situations and gets mentally and physically weak. Psychological, physical and behavioral changes are also clearly visible.

Exhaustion Stage: If a student is preparing for his exam and despite of every possible effort, he is not able to relate to his studies, he is bound to get stressed. The stress could reach a height where he/she may feel completely exhausted and helpless to the extent of committing suicide. This is the exhaustion stage. This stage is further divided into two phases:

Initial phase: The stress persists and due to lack of appropriate measures the person is not able to concentrate and work efficiently.

Burnout: The person is completely exhausted and drained of all energy reserves. There is a complete physical, psychological and emotional breakdown. This requires immediate attention.

There are certain medications that can help you crawl out of the situation. But, you need to identify your stressor first. You also need to practice some self help tips depending on the type of stress you are suffering from.