Anxiety And Tension

ADHD Treatments, Ritalin And Alternate Therapies

I have had ADHD since I was very young, and have tried all of the usual ADHD treatments, but I just can't seem to get completely over this condition. This is despite the fact that I am 23 years old, and in most respects, quite successful in my life. Still, it is hard for me to sit still, hard for me to organize either my thoughts or my actions, and I find myself still daydreaming away large bits of my day when I really would rather be getting things done. None of the ADHD treatments I have tried have done the trick, despite the fact that I have tried them all.

Because I did well in school, despite my occasional acting out, no one diagnosed my ADD until I was about twelve years old. They might have thought that I had behavior problems, but they didn't even consider that ADHD treatments might help at the time, since they figured it was just a matter of acting out. It was actually my friends who diagnosed me with having ADHD. You see, they had ADD and ADHD themselves, and could spot one of their own. I went to the doctor, and he put me on Ritalin, as was popular at the time. I hated the Ritalin, as I would come to hate all of my ADHD treatments.

The problem with Ritalin is that it turns you in to a zombie. This is the most common complain among people of all ages going through ADHD treatments that involve this drug. You feel stoned all the time, and not in a happy way. It becomes hard to interact with other people, or to do anything besides what is in front of you. When I began stopping my ADHD treatments and refusing to take the Ritalin, my parents realized that they needed to try alternate therapies.

After that, they tried everything, and although some of it did make things a bit better, none of it really did the trick. They tried nutritional therapy ADHD treatment, where I avoided all processed foods and caffeine, and I guessed that helped a little, but the ADHD never really went away. They tried meditation, which I hated – how many people really want to spend an hour every day in their teens sitting perfectly still? They even tried Neuro-Linguistic programming and therapy, but I just started to hate the therapist after a little while, and it never went anywhere.