Anxiety And Tension

An Overview Of Adult Anxiety Disorder

Adult separation anxiety is a form of a psychiatric disorder. Many people  live with the anxiety from the irrational fear that they will be separated from the people they love.

Adult separation anxiety disorder is usually a manifestation of a larger issue.  It can often be mistaken for generalized anxiety disorder. In severe forms, the victim may have panic attacks.

Of late, some studies have hit upon some striking revelations. According to them, more than 7% of the total American population is afflicted by an anxiety disorder at some point of their lives.

Instances of adult separation anxiety are higher even than the rate of childhood separation anxiety. Some cases have been noticed where the adult sufferers experienced it for the first time when they were children. The symptoms surface with the attainment of adult age.

This form of disorder does not normally occur independently. It is seen accompanying other forms of psychiatric problems like mood disorders. There are any types of anxiety related illnesses. Adult anxiety usually appears as an extension of these illnesses.

This anxiety may be an outcome of the failures on the professional, marital or emotional fronts. The overwhelming majority of victims are poorly educated, unmarried and unemployed. There reasons for such a disorder may be varied.

An adult may suffer from it when he has to deal with situations like marital separation and death of loved ones. Parents may have to deal with it when their offspring goes away to live independently or is becoming increasingly emotionally independent.
Fear of separation from loved ones is not the only cause. If a patient is suffering from general anxiety disorders, then there may be chances of the patient becoming a victim of separation anxiety disorder.

There is no specialized set of medicine to treat this problem. Cognitive therapy and behavioral techniques prove more effective than other methods in treating this problem.   The bible offers a strategy to cure this disorder by the application of certain spiritual truths and encourages trust in Jesus Christ.