Anxiety And Tension

Anxiety And Depression Treatment

While there are many popular medications of anxiety and depression available, they may not be sufficient to solve the problem. These medications work best when combined with some other forms of treatment like physical exercises, dietary regulations and therapy.

Xanax, Ativan and Klonopin are some of the popular prescription drugs that are considered effective in treating anxiety-related symptoms. However, these drugs have a disadvantage as well. They can be addictive to an extent. If the medication is prematurely withdrawn then recurrence of anxiety and depression may take place. Herbal medications such as Kava are also used to treat depression and anxiety.

Another form of treating anxiety and depression is the cognitive behavioral approach. This approach prevents you from thinking in a negative manner. A lot of course depends on the individual who is suffering from anxiety or depression. If the individual believes that the condition can be overcome, then that belief acts as a positive catalyst. On the other hand, self-doubt and negative feelings reduce the chances of recovery.

Diet regulation is another part of treatment. Some foods can worsen your anxiety-related problems. Foods containing caffeine are not recommended as it can make matters worse to a large extent. If you are showing signs of anxiety, you will do better to cut down on smoking and coffee intake. Certain food additives like sugar can also increase the risk of anxiety. You should sincerely try to avoid food items that you know will trigger anxiety.  

Eating a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet can help you in combating anxiety and depression. Herb based products like chamomile or valerian tea are very helpful. Vitamin B supplements in case you are not getting enough vitamins in your diet are also recommended. Adequate diet cuts down the risk of anxiety and depression.

Exercises also have a very positive role to play in the treatment of anxiety and depression. Exercise releases endorphins, which are chemical substances that enhance your mood. Physical health has a relationship with mental health. The better your physical health is, the better you will able to cope with anxiety.