Anxiety And Tension

Anxiety And Eye Floaters

Eye floaters is an optical condition in which there are deposits of various shapes and size in the eye. A person suffering from eye floaters experiences problems in his or her vision. He or she may see shadow-like shapes while gazing at an object. Eye floaters may appear in the shape of spots, threads or even interwoven cobwebs.

It has been found that there is a link between anxiety and eye floaters. Although eye floaters are a common phenomenon, they are highlighted when a person suffers from a bout of anxiety. Eye floaters occur when the vitreous humour of the eye develops some damages mainly due to age. The vitreous humour is transparent. With the progression of age, some small particles tend to stick to the surface of the retina. When the person afflicted with the malady tries to fix his sight at an object in front of his eyes, those particles come in between in the form of blurred objects. They are further highlighted when one looks at the blue sky.

There has been a long debate regarding whether some sort of a relation really exists between the anxiety syndrome and the occurrence of eye floaters. The possibility of a link is yet to be conclusively established, but  there is a high degree of correlation between the two. Experience-based findings by various ophthalmologists also substantiate this viewpoint. Many patients have complained that the problem of eye floaters is aggravated  when they are under a spell of depression.

Although this ailment is observed mostly in elderly patients, there are instances of young people suffering from this disease. It is known to be genetic to some degree. In addition, sometimes it proves to be an imaginary problem when a doctor is consulted. However, the problem, imaginary or real, becomes more intense when it occurs simultaneously with anxiety, as most patients of depression will confirm.