Anxiety And Tension

Your Mood Related Problems May Be Due To Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a psychological problem which comes with heavy bouts of stress and extreme mood swings. The sufferer would either go in to the deep low of depression or would brim with energy. Psychiatrists inform that the mood swings involved in bipolar disorder are rather extreme. The problem of bipolar disorder can last from anywhere between a few weeks to an entire lifetime. Moreover, the very nature of this problem makes it rather difficult to diagnose.

Primary reason behind the bipolar disorder is a change in the chemistry of human brain. As is obvious, the severity of this problem as well as its symptoms may differ in different people. Generally these may also be different in people of different age groups. In fact studies haveĀ  found out that people who have this problem may spend as many as 10 years trying to figure out what exactly is their prob-lem. As many as 70-75% cases have been those where people with bipolar disorder have been diag-nosed with an altogether different type of illness. One reason behind this may be that people consider the depression part as an illness but not the other one. This results in a single sided treatment.

It must be understood that Bipolar disorder is generally a genetic problem but the fact is that just because someone in the family has bipolar disorder doesn't mean that everyone in the family would have the same problem. As with any other type of ailment, if detected early, Bipolar disorder can be easily cured. As of now, the information about causes of bipolar disorder remains rather unclear. What is known however involves some imbalance in overall brain chemistry. Bipolar disorder cannot be caused by some action, as is the case with most infectious diseases. Best put, Bi-polar disorder simply crops up.

To diagnose some major case of depression, it is necessary that an episode of depression occurs. In case of bipolar disorder, whereas both sides of the episode have to be covered, this just does not happen because people treat the period of elation as normal behavior. It must be understood that the symptoms of this problem differ in different people. Generally these symptoms become visible to friends and family at first The patients tend to take some time to realize these problems.

It must be understood that bipolar disorder cannot be 'cured' in the sense that it is used in other medical lines. What is possible is to manage the symptoms effectively so as to ensure that the pres-ence of this problem remains subtle. Along with medical prescription, special kinds of therapy like group therapy and social therapy are used to treat the problems of bipolar disorder.