Anxiety And Tension

Deluge Of Anxiety Disorder Treatments!

Anxiety disorders can be crippling and disabling mental conditions. A bad anxiety disorder can make leaving your home seem like a daunting and insurmountable task. If you have an anxiety disorder, normal everyday stresses may feel like calamities, and even simple social situations can cause you to break into nervous sweats. If you find yourself often avoiding people or situations that may cause you anxiety, you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Because these conditions generally do not go away on there own, and often will get worse, you should look into anxiety disorder treatment as soon as possible.

Anxiety disorders rank among the most common mental conditions in the world, rivaling and in some studies even surpassing depression. It is hard to get an accurate idea of how prevalent anxiety disorders are, because many people are reluctant to discuss their anxiety. Whereas depression has gradually become less stigmatized in recent years, anxiety still is often looked at with some ignorance. Anxiety disorder treatment is overall much less sought than treatments for depression, because people are embarrassed or ashamed. Indeed, the very symptoms of an anxiety disorder inhibit the person with the disorder from seeking treatment.

The good news is if you are able to get past that barrier and seek help, there are plenty of anxiety disorder treatments available today. Unfortunately, some of the most commonly prescribed medication for anxiety is very addictive and in the long run may only serve to make your anxiety disorder worse. If you are seeking an anxiety disorder treatment, be wary of sedatives. Tell your doctor you are not interested in benzodiazapines. Although many doctors today are beginning to catch on to the fact that prolonged benzodiazapine use will make an anxiety condition worse, many doctors still prescribe them like candy.

Sedatives like benzodiazapines are seductive if you are suffering from an anxiety disorder, as they work fast and have great anti-anxiety effects in the short term. Once you begin to use them regularly, however, you will have even higher amounts of anxiety when you aren’t taking them. It’s easy to see how they become addictive!

A more promising anxiety disorder treatments fall under the SSRI family of drugs. Though SSRIs have their draw backs as well, none of them are addictive in the way sedatives are. Used in conjunction with talk therapy, and regular exercise, SSRIs are the best forms of anxiety disorder treatment we have today.