Anxiety And Tension

Equip Yourself With That Perfect Anxiety Treatment!

As you might imagine, in our increasingly neurotic society, there are many many anxiety treatments available today. But, though most people in America might hesitate to admit it, more choices does not necessarily mean better. With alternative therapy, counseling, medication, meditation, nutrition, and anxiety support groups all competing as anxiety treatments, and with each one claiming that it is the best, sometimes to the exclusion of any other, it can be difficult to find out what is the right option for you.

When I used to have anxiety attacks, there was nothing more terrible, and I was willing to try anything for just a little relief. I was a poor student, unable to afford expensive counseling, and so the only anxiety treatment available to me was drugs. I used prescription drugs like Xanax, Librium, and Valium, as well as non-prescription self-medication with pot and alcohol. But all these anxiety treatments did was create a cycle of dependency, whether they were doctor prescribed, or self-administered. Although sedatives can be a great relief from a sudden anxiety attack, in the long run they make you even more unable to cope with your problems.

After these, and several other anxiety treatments, I finally discovered meditation. No matter what problems you face in your life, meditation is really a panacea. The only problem is that it requires a lot of self discipline and at least an hour a day time commitment. For a while, I tried more conventional anxiety treatments, such as therapy, but I found these unsettling. I could talk about my problems, and that provided some kind of relief, but although the strength of the anxiety attacks decreased somewhat, they still persisted until I got into meditation. Many people will say that you need to go to a doctor for anxiety treatments, but these people have not discovered the do-it-yourself method of calming the mind and body which I have profited from personally.

Nonetheless, until whatever anxiety treatments you have chosen to employ have really done their trick, it is wise to obtain some Xanax from your doctor, so as to be prepared for any emergency. You may be plagued by anxiety attacks, and just knowing that if they do come, you have a quick and easy way to stop them is really a precious bit of reassurance. Whatever anxiety treatments you are using, it is still best to have an emergency weapon against the dreaded panic attack.