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General Facts On Teen Depression

Depression is a kind of disorder which often occurs among teens. However, the actual meaning of the word “depression” is reduced owing to the common use of the term. The fact is that depression is a serious illness that requires immediate attention. Depression may be normal for some but must be taken seriously to prevent from worsening. Here are the things you need to know about depression.

Types of Depression
Depression varies from cause to cause. That depression varies depend on the cause of it like why it has happened and damage they can cause to the person. Normally, depression is categorised into two forms: one is more severe depression yet short-lasting and the second is long lasting depression yet less severe. The short-lasting severe form of depression is often called major depression while the other is often referred to as dysthymia. The third classification of depression is characterized by mood and its swing.

Here are other terms used for the different kinds of depression:

A) Major or Clinical Depression
B) Dysthymia
C) Bipolar Disorder
D) Mood Swing
E) Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
F) Cyclothemia
G) Postpartum Depression
H) Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Symptoms of depression
Depression may often be mistaken as occasional sadness or mood swing. This could be a costly mistake since depression is a mental illness that requires immediate medical attention. It is also important to treat depression as soon as signs appear. If you see two or more symptoms of depression, seek for professional help.

A) Crying, tearfulness, and sadness with no apparent reason.
B) Decreased or loss of interest on activities including those they once enjoyed.
C) Isolation and boredom especially during group activities and gathering.
D) Pessimism and hopelessness on the reason of living.
E) Sensitivity to negative feedback and rejection of others.
F) Anger and irritability.
G) Restlessness
H) Feeling of worthlessness and guilt.
I) Lack of self-confidence that could be the cause of low self-esteem.

Causes of depression
Research agrees that there is no single cause of depression. All types of depression are triggered by two or more causes. Here are the major causes of depression.

A) medical condition
B) environment
C) family background
D) life events,
E) social condition
F) biological cause
G) psychological patterns