Anxiety And Tension

Gulf War PTSD

"Gulf War PTSD" is a term searched a lot on internet, but there is not much information available on it. Here you will get complete information on "Gulf War PTSD". Gulf war happened from August 1990 till February 1991, leaving many people dead and thousands wounded. This war left many people in depression. People are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). But, it is very necessary to manage stress. For more information on managing stress, read Managing Stress Could Be Blessing In Disguise.

Like the other wars, Gulf war also left people thinking about the disaster. Soldiers who killed others and saw many deaths are suffering from PTSD. Then those who lost their family members in war are also suffering from PTSD. Those who escaped death are also facing the same problem. The reason is that war gives many bad memories which are hard to forget. To see blood and death all around and then to forget it, is not at all easy.

Stress management techniques, stress management tools, stress management products, stress management activities, stress management course, stress management training are all available for managing stress, anxiety and depression of all types. It is not easy to forget those memories, but keep trying can make everything possible.