Anxiety And Tension

How To Best Deal With Anxiety?

Modern life is very stressful and everyone gets anxious from time to time. When stress becomes overwhelming, it's time to address the problem. Stress can cause physical problems and reduce quality of life. Dealing with anxiety is a case of finding what works for you as an individual. There's no cure all. Some people respond to medication but that's not a permanent solution. It's a question of finding the right coping strategies.

 Everyone needs time out to relax. Just taking a full lunch hour can help. Get out of the office and go sit in the park to have your sandwiches. You'll come back to work more refreshed. Make sure there is a time in the day where you think about your needs for a while. Learn to say no, if your workload is becoming unmanageable. Dealing with anxiety is even harder if you're not sleeping properly. Take a relaxing, warm bath before retiring or have a hot, milky drink.

Many people do yoga or tai chi to de-stress. Something that's been around for hundreds of years can't be bad. Gentle exercise like this relaxes the body and empties the mind. The office, the kids and whatever else will still be there but you can forget everything for an hour. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain. That's the weird chemical stuff that makes us happy. For some people, vigorous activities like thrashing around on a squash court is a great stress buster. Dealing with anxiety should involve diet too. Eating a lot of junk food won't help the situation. Fresh fruit and vegetables will give us the vitamins and minerals we need to feel good. Try herbal teas instead of a heavy, caffeine fix.

Meditation is also good for anxiety. You might feel self conscious at first but gradually the ego will recede and you'll start to relax. Don't underestimate the power of laughter either. Watching a favorite comedy show helps to put everything in perspective. Sometimes, dealing with anxiety has a simple solution. You may need to change career or get out of a relationship

If you can't find anything that helps, then it's time to seek help from a medical professional. You may find that counseling is the answer. There is plenty help and advise available today and doctors realize that dealing with anxiety is essential when it impacts on our lives. You'll be amazed to know how many friends and acquaintances are in the same boat. You can get help and you are not alone.