Anxiety And Tension

How to Cure Stress And Anxiety With Ease?

Happiness is a summum bonum (total good) of a man’s life. To be at peace with his inner self is the purpose of his existence. When you move away from it, you are agitated. Distortions in your normal disposition begin to occur. You experience fear and confusion envelops you. But that is not the end of the program. You need to emerge victorious out of the confusing cobweb. And, that is all about the cure of stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety is always about coming to the terms with you. Anxieties about what happened in the past are not that intense. If they continue to hurt you, they hurt in a lesser degree. Anxieties about the future are what really matter. Out motivated approach to the problems of future lead us to never ending confusion and anxiety.

To enable you to find the cure for your stress and anxiety make a careful analysis of what anxiety is about. Suppose you are full of anxiety about a particular matter and you continue at that level throughout the day. At the end of the day by remaining in that difficult condition, have you solved the problem? No! Then what is the use of your remaining in the state of anxiety? You have simply burned your calories for nothing, without any benefit.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there are no over the counter medications to cure anxiety. If there are any, they are not going to solve your problem at all. Because, your anxiety is a result of your misconception about the reality!

The real and everlasting cure for stress and anxiety is beginning the process of introspection. What is the root cause of the stress? If there are multiple causes, try to sort out one cause with lesser intensity first. From the bundle of negative thoughts, pull them out one by one and treat them, and deal with them, in the manner you should.

Remaining afraid of the problem is no solution. Instead of brooding over the problem, proceed with the determination that you need to face and emerge victorious. This positive strength of the mind itself will reduce the punch and stress and anxiety.

Also remember, stress and anxiety are not diseases as such. They are related to a particular individual. There are as many types of stresses and anxiety as the population of the world. It is a highly personalized level in the disturbance of your equilibrium. So the cure has to be found by only you!