Anxiety And Tension

In A World Of Reality And Imagination

Wow, are there ever a lot of illnesses and disorders these days. I actually have to wonder if they're all legit or not. I mean come on folks; did people really have this much trouble back in the day? According to my father it's a new thing. However, maybe people just hid their mental afflictions back then. It's truly hard to say at this point. One thing is for sure; it seems like there is always someone else complaining of depression, bi-polar illnesses, or borderline personality disorder. Maybe it's something in the water today. Either way, we definitely have to find valid treatments for these irksome health afflictions.

I wonder if many people even know what borderline personality disorder is. These mental afflictions are exposed so much in today's crime dramas. You can choose any night of the week and probably catch a crime-based TV series that contains some killer with borderline personality disorder. Of course tehy tend to over-dramatize these issues. When I think of borderline personality disorder, I basically think someone who fails to meet the "norm." He/she is nearly dealing with more than one personality. Now this can come about for any number of reasons. Maybe the cause is related to childhood trauma, or dealing with a tough environment. Human beings are affected by all sorts of catalysts.

 Once you introduce something new into the picture, it can have a positive or negative effect. Therefore it's important to take good care of your children and keep a watchful eye out. Make sure they are not struggling internally with anything severe or drastic. This could alter their personality. You may even need to acquire professional assistance at some point. I spoke with one gentleman who had borderline personality disorder, and he blamed certain aspects of his childhood.

You can easily learn more about depression, schizophrenia, and borderline personality disorder on the World-Wide-Web. Cyberspace is flooded with such knowledge. Get online and attain a dose of our society's reality. Although you may be able to avoid acquiring such mental afflictions as borderline personality disorder, you probably can't avoid encountering those who suffer from them. Wouldn't it be better to know what you're dealing with if this were to happen? Don't be one of those glib individuals who consider all mental health issues the same.