Anxiety And Tension

Lessen Your Anxiety With Time Management Skills!

You probably have little trouble getting things done at work. This is because a professional organizer has most likely created a schedule for you. The higher ups in the office take a great deal of time consulting a professional who knows how to manage time in order to make the office, restaurant or other place of work run smoothly.

 Even with these individuals who know how to manage time many people from other countries that enter the workplace in the United States are amazed by our ineffective time management skills on the job. This may come as a surprise to most but anyone who has worked with an individual from overseas has probably given some great suggestions for making the work day run efficiently.

I am a former secretary for a company that had offices in the United States and overseas. Some of the employees from the office in Belfast, Ireland came over to the States to help our staff learn how to manage time effectively. This was a costly measure but our employer knew that the company would save money over time by making this investment.

The first step in our reorganization process was to consult with one of the most skilled foreign employees on what he observed during a typical day on the job. The time management consultant suggested that we work together as a unit rather than independently on certain aspects of our jobs.

We weren’t quite sure that this was a great suggestion on how to manage time until we put the plan into action. Many of us found that we were running errands that could be taken care of on one trip. Instead of working together, we were running around each other and really getting nowhere.

The time managing plan helped us open communication between staff members and it helped the organization run as a unit. Once I learned how to manage time through collaborative efforts and delegating responsibility at the workplace I decided to use the same concepts at home.

My husband and I make lists and we take on a “divide and conquer” approach to our day. If one of us is working on a project then the other is playing with our daughter. This approach makes everything at home run a little smoother.