Anxiety And Tension

Let Currents Of Your Thoughts Flow Easy & Stress Anxiety Will Ebb Away

Stress anxiety is mostly about what we do not have. About what we have, it is our neighbor's anxiety! For treating stress anxiety, one need not take recourse to medication. Stress anxiety is equated with hypertension by some people. This is a miscalculation. Hypertension is a biological disease, whereas stress anxiety is a mental condition. You can overcome this, with a positive mental attitude, within a short period. Over-the-counter products, that give you tall promises, must be avoided for treating stress anxiety, as these cause side-effects.

A joke, a friendly talk with your pal, a morning walk or reading an interesting story might do the trick. Thought currents move so swiftly, that stress anxiety will ebb away soon. A rainbow will streak through the clouds.

Taking to drugs to treat the stress anxiety, is fraught with dangerous consequences. You will be hooked to those drugs, there is no doubt about it. Talk to any drug addict, his pathetic story will melt your heart. Your mind and body will gleefully accept the various types of drugs, but when you try to give them up, your body will violently revolt. It will cause problems to you and frighten your near and dear ones.

So, do not be overwhelmed by stress anxiety. Try to understand it and untie the knots one by one. At the time of stress, there are lots of biological changes and they take control of you. Therefore, identify the points of stress anxiety and try to recoup your normal self. Continuing at the level of stress anxiety over a long period will cause significant changes in the layers of your personality. The process or recovery, will then become complicated.

Total emancipation from anxiety is not possible. It is a biblical virtue. Some individuals worry over the trifles. Such people need a personality-correction course. If the level of anxiety reaches that level, when it affects the day to day functioning, then it is time for some tangible steps to be taken- by you! Self-analysis plays crucial part here.

Own your mistakes, be available for reasoning and correct yourself. The long term benefits of such a disposition are rewarding beyond your expectations.

Always remember, it is the mental imbalance first, physical ailments follow later. A sick mind gives rise to a sick body.

Stress anxiety and depression are fellow travelers. Depression is twice-cursed. It curses both- you and the people around you! It affects all your physical and mental activities.

Share your thoughts, talk to your friends and relatives in a forthright manner, do proper exercises, bring the cheer in your disposition. Getting rid of stress anxiety is not that difficult- you have the will power!