Anxiety And Tension

Living In A World Of Black And White!

here are a number of psychological disorders circulating through the population. Borderline personality disorder is a challenging and frustrating mental illness that manifests itself in a number of different ways. Since people with the problem experience it in many different ways, borderline personality disorder treatment comes in a variety of forms as well.

Many people who have the mental illness have great trouble telling the difference between imagination and reality. These individuals have a unique perspective on their environment that is severely inaccurate. These misconceptions and misperceptions cause the individual to have exaggerated emotional feelings that interfere with his ability to think.

Borderline personality disorder treatment is designed to address the emotional state of the person experiencing the almost delusional episodes. A cognitive approach is sometimes used the borderline personality disorder treatment but it is not always the most viable option because the individual’s emotions are so overwhelming that they hinder normal cognitive functioning in general.

One distinguishing characteristic of an individual with this mental illness is his tendency to have an all-or-nothing attitude. The person tends to see things in absolutes. The thought process is very black and white and clear cut. For example a person who has the disorder is unable to understand that a good person can make a mistake. Only a bad person does bad things.

This way of looking at situations can have serious ramifications in borderline personality disorder treatment. The individual may look at the therapist as a helpful person who is doing his best to help the situation. The patient may suddenly take the opposite point of view and consider the therapist as an uncaring threat who intends to do nothing but harm. The perception can be brought on by a simple disagreement that spirals out of control.

Borderline personality disorder treatment needs to be consistent. The doctors and therapists who work with these individuals need to present a stable front that should not be altered. The individual with the disorder will have emotional outbursts and rages and it is best that borderline personality disorder treatment centers on a professional who acts in a contrast to the emotional patient.

Most professionals recommend psychotherapy as the choice borderline personality disorder treatment. Medications are sometimes used to help control severe mood swings but many criticize doctors who overmedicate their patients with this illness. There are times when an individual with the disorder would fair best in a hospital.

Sometimes the patient visits the hospital as an outpatient and this is usually during times of depression. Once hospitalization is no longer necessary the individual is encouraged to seek other forms of borderline personality disorder treatment including group therapy.