Anxiety And Tension

Natural cure for Anxiety

Anxiety can be defined as an unpleasant state of mind that is characterized by a combination of symptoms such as apprehension, worry, fear and  tension.

Symptoms such as chest pain, breathing problems, body ache, rapid heartbeat and nausea are common in anxiety. Person suffering from anxiety will show symptoms such as high blood pressure, profound sweating, trembling, pale skin and pupillary dilation.

Anxiety can be cured by the use of counseling, behavioral therapy and drugs. Drugs may be addictive and have several side effects. To prevent the side effects, professionals have introduced some natural cures to treat the symptoms of anxiety disorder. Natural cures do not have any side effects and treat the whole body holistically. These cures simply advocate that the patient change his or her lifestyle.

The natural method of treatment focuses on increasing the levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is known as the feel good hormone and if the level falls then the patient may suffer from depression. Serotonin can be increased to quite an extent by food. Poultry, beans, green vegetables are examples of food that help to raise the level of serotonin.

Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety. Exercise does not only refer to going to gym regularly. Simple jogging for an hour or taking a long walk in fresh air and stretching the body is of great help. It will help the mind to relax. Exercise makes us feel better and gives us a sense of well being.

Check out the diet plan. Avoid junk food. This will not only help a person to stay healthy but also it will also help to stay out of stress and anxiety.

Never sit quiet and socially isolate yourself.  Always talk with your friends and family members about the various issues and about your problems. They can look at your problem from a different angle and  can suggest the solutions that can help you to come out of depression and anxiety.

Natural herbs are very effective in treating anxiety, as they are free from any side effects. Always consult a doctor before taking any natural herbs. Never mix them with the regular medicines, which you might be taking to overcome the problem of anxiety. 

Studies indicate that natural cures can treat anxiety and depression completely.  Drugs on the other hand may have numerous side effects.