Anxiety And Tension

Overview Of The Complications Of Depression

Tip! With each passing minute you may feel your stress and irritability rising, your patience getting shorter and your fuse about to blow.
Depression is a very serious disorder and one that still today can be very secretive and shameful. Normally the one experiencing depression does not realize they are in a depressive state. The one experiencing depression will shrug it off as having a bad day or even going through a slump. If treatment is not found there can be serious consequences to this disease. Those who experience depression have an increased risk of suicide mainly because the person suffered can not see hope not even when others are trying to assist them.

When a depressed individual does not seek treatment they retreat within themselves and that place is a very dark environment and hope is nowhere to be found. Depression can also be found in individuals who abuse alcohol and/or drugs. One of the reasons for this is escapism. Those who find no hope in their lives are also trying to escape from their perceived darkness. Smoking also falls into this same category of abusing chemicals. Those who are depressed turn to many addictive behaviors to keep them from feeling anything and smoking is a form of release from their stressful environment.
Tip! If you are overstressed and feel you are going to collapse, take a deep breath and count till ten.

There are those who have studied the life span among men and women who are depressed and suggest that men who have this disease have a shorter life span than do women. This could be attributed to the fact that when someone is experiencing depression the desire for any social involvement or physical activity becomes severely diminished. Without physical and social stimulation the body will begin to deteriorate. Another very important health issue is that of obesity and that is quite common in those experiencing depression. Logically, you could conclude if there is no desire to will to live that same individual begin losing the desire to accomplish anything in their life and that contains exercise and the depressed individual begins eating and if they increase the caloric intake and decrease their exercise obesity will pose health risks.

Depression and chronic pain often are seen together in many patients. The depressed individual is trying to hard to escape from their pain that the body actually becomes more sensitive to painful stimuli thus those suffering from this disease will often have arthritis or even fibromyalgia.
Tip! If you feel you are in need of help, do not hesitate.

Children of depressed parents have a very difficult time. The age of the child determines how they will react to their parent’s condition. If the child is between the ages of a toddler and an adolescent that child may exhibit behaviors of excessive crying or becoming excessively clingy which to the depressed parent magnifies the feeling that their life is out of control. The older child may actually begin to resent the parent for the inability to take care of them and they will seek solace in behavior that they know is wrong. The child growing up in this environment is very likely to develop symptoms of depression and abusive tendencies as well. Looking at the disease of depression and the effect it can have on a marriage is interesting.

To have a successful marriage communication is very important. If one of the partners is depressed, it is safe to say that they will not be communicating very well, if at all. The other partner will soon tire of the gloominess and will leave. To say the very least, depression and work do not go well together and it is obvious that if a person who is experiencing depression loses their job this will add to their already fragile state of mind and they will usually become physically ill and the cycle continues to decline.