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Reasons Why Male Depression Is Different From Women?s

Male depression is often an expression that is not heard or approached as often as women’s depression. Despite what many think, male depression has several different causes and effects that are different from women’s depression. Because of the standards set by society, as well as men’s reaction to the symptoms of depression, male depression is known to be very different than that of women’s depression.

There are reasons why male depression is different from that of women’s. The first reason is that of the different approach to the gender roles in society. Women in society are free to showing their feelings and emotions. But, men are expected to have the opposite effect. The role of men in society is often led by cultural roles that demand him to be tough and strong and to set emotions aside. The idea of being a tough guy and staying in control of emotions is one of the factors that lead to male depression.

Because of this, male depression is usually associated with self-criticism and repression of emotions. Women, on the other hand, usually have depression problems based around dependency and low self-esteem. Because of this repression, men will often take out depression in a different form as well. This becomes apparent in the actions that are taken, as well as the dominant feelings seen through male depression. For example, male violence and suicide is at a much higher rate in men than it is in women as a result of depressive factors.

Another factor related to the rates of men’s depression is the idea of therapy. Because of the expected role of men in society, many men will stay away from therapy, as it shows a sign of weakness. If they do decide to go to therapy, it is often found that it is harder for them to change the repressed emotions and begin speaking freely. The very approach towards depression between men and women is significantly different causing a difference in approach between men and women.

While the difference in the handling of depression is different, it can also be noted that the feelings that tend to be more dominant between genders is also different. Men often refer to depression as fatigue, frustration, irritability, and loss of concentration, sleep disturbance and a loss of interest in work. Women, on the other hand, will move towards sadness and guilt.

If you are a male, and believe that you have a problem with depression through these different signs, it is important to get help. There are several psychotherapists that can lead you in the right direction. You can also go to get examined by your physician. If they find that you are depressed, they can offer you a anti-depressant in order to balance out your life. There are plenty of ways to get help. However, it is important to do right away, as repressing the feelings of depression can lead to thoughts of suicide.

Depression in men is different in men than women for many reasons. The standards that society has set on men have caused several men to repress their feelings. As a result, the actions that are taken as a result lead to addictive behaviors, violence, and sometimes to suicide. If you are a male that is suffering from depression, it is important to get help in order to make sure that you can begin living your life completely again.