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Signs Of Teen Depression

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Depression affects the behavior, feelings, thoughts and overall health of a person including teens. It is a serious problem that needs to be treated. It is a fact that everyone feels sad and down once in a while but once the condition remains unchanged for several weeks, it can already be a sign of depression and it needs to be treated quickly. Thus, it is important to learn what are the signs of teen depression to distinct it from occasional melancholy and mood swing. Common signs that indicate that the teen is suffering from depression:

Crying, tearfulness and sadness Teens do cry but when they cry for no apparent reason, added by the fact that they are often sad, they are likely to be the suspects of depression. Often, teens may demonstrate it by persistent sadness. Teens can not find enjoyment in activities they often do. This may manifest on their attitude towards class, their disinterest on sports and clubs and other activities that they normally do.
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Isolation and boredom Depressed persons would not want to be in a group or would not like to join gatherings. They show little interest on meeting people or communicating with others. They often isolate themselves and prefer to remain alone. If not given attention early, teens that isolate themselves will develop low self-esteem. Pessimism and hopelessness Depression is also manifested on the teens’ outlook in life. Teens are likely depressed if they do not see any hope in their life. They tend to think negatively. Oftentimes, pessimism and hopelessness may lead to suicide. Sensitivity to negative feedback and rejection Since they are often sad, alone and hopeless, any negative feedback and rejection would aggravate their depression. They feel this because they often to see others as enemies or someone who could not understand their situation.
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Anger and irritability Depressed teens can easily get irritated and angered. They think that they should reject their families first before their family would reject them. Lack of concentration If teens struggle to concentrate on schoolwork or they could hardly follow conversation, or even could not focus on any activity they do, they are likely showing the sign of depression.
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Changes in sleeping and eating patterns Depressed teens may show difficulty in sleeping. The all-night TV watching is a sign of this. They could often be oversleeping. Changes in eating habits can also be a sign of depression. This could cause them to either loose or gain weight. Depression may also be revealed on alcohol or drug abuse, poor performance, self-injury, restlessness, guilt and lack of self-confidence. If you are experiencing one or some of the mentioned signs, you may want to treat it early.