Anxiety And Tension

Symptoms Of Anxiety And Panic Attack And The Resultant Stress

The symptoms of these kinds of episodes are quite difficult to pinpoint. You may think that you are having a type of anxiety and panic attack when you are simply experiencing a great deal of stress. Stress can have profound ramifications on a person’s body. The powerful state can lead to emotional and physical symptoms.

These emotional and physical symptoms often mimic the ones found in anxiety and panic attacks. You may find yourself short of breath. Some people complain that they feel as if they can’t breathe when they are experiencing an anxiety and panic attack. The inability to breathe freely adds to the stress which leads to progressively greater symptoms in turn.

A common feeling among those who have experienced such episodes includes pains in the chest area. In fact, many people suffering an anxiety and panic attack often think that they are experiencing a heart attack. The common complaint is tightness and pain in the chest which leads to the obvious worry of heart failure.

Another common complaint shared by many people who have had an anxiety and panic attack is an overwhelming feeling of dread. Many of these individuals have the inescapable feeling that something horrible is going to happen. This occurrence is completely out of their control and it is very frightening.

The feeling of dread, chest pains and shortness of breath make this kind of episode very scary for anyone who experiences it. Anxiety and panic attack is quite terrifying for these individuals and the symptoms feed into the fear making the whole experience awful. The very symptoms can cause the attack to worsen.

Many people become so stressed during situations that mimic the ones that they were involved in during their last anxiety and panic attack that they throw themselves into a similar state, leading to another episode. For example, if someone has an episode in a crowded store, she may be more likely to have another anxiety and panic attack in a similar atmosphere.

Some people luckily never experience anxiety and panic attack. Others have a single episode during a time of great stress and other less fortunate individuals face these attacks on a weekly, even daily basis.