Anxiety And Tension

Tackle Anxiety Attack and Depression

Anxiety is something that every individual feels at some point of time in life. In most of the cases, this state is mostly temporary and goes away when the events that cause anxiety go away. These events can be loss of a loved one, divorce or any other traumatic and unexpected events.

If however anxiety persists and becomes chronic, then it becomes an issue of concern. It disrupts your life and disturbs your normal daily activities. Anxiety has always been a mental disorder, which is characterized by abnormal behavior, negative outlook, change of mood and other problems.

Anxiety has different stages and severities. An anxiety attack is a severe form of anxiety that comes up all of a sudden. During such an attack, the person goes through very bad experiences and as a result faces a panic situation. There are different types of anxiety attack. These attacks have different characteristic and are named differently. If the patient is suffering from anxiety depression, then the attack is called anxiety attack depression panic.

The symptoms associated with this particular disorder are shaking of body, deep depression, change of face color. These symptoms are manifest when a panic situation arises and the person may shout out or cry. At extreme levels, the person can attempt suicide. It is difficult to deal with a person in such a situation as the person may react violently without reason.

The best way to deal the person with panic attack of depression is to administer medication that has a sedative and relaxing effect. If it is difficult to control the person, take the help of others and restrain the person until medical help can be provided. Primary medical help will consist of a sedative that can relax the individual and reduce the overall disturbance.