Anxiety And Tension

Teen Anxiety Depression: Vital Things To Know About

More than ever, people will often regard depression as a condition that likely affects people in their adult stages. But then, it is a renowned fact that depression also heaps on the younger generation, that is, the teens. Teen anxiety depression has become an alarming state especially because of the rising rate of suicide among teens from various countries. Studies show that suicide plays a major role when it comes to teenage depression. For one, suicide ranks as the eighth major cause of death for all people who come from different sex, age, or race. It ranks as the third major cause of death for individuals in between the ages of 15 to 24. And it is the fourth leading cause of death rate for young people with the ages of 10 to 14. When unnoticed and ignored, teen anxiety depression can be fatal.

For concious parents, teen anxiety depression is actually one of the most dreaded circumstances. They know it for sure that the children are like sponges that get themselves absorb to several influences that surround them. To any situations they face either at home or in the outside world, teenagers are very sensitive. There are people who put on great pressure to the teenagers so they instantly get fed into their minds. However, in most cases these factors exist within the homes alone. When pressure and other related factors and influences keep on pressing to the teenager children, they start to create anxiety disorder, anti social response, withdrawal, phobias, compulsive disorder, and escape towards vices.

The Physical Symptoms of Teen Anxiety Depression

A) Among the physical symptoms of the teen anxiety depression involve difficulty in breathing, frequent headaches, sleeping disorders, dizziness, nausea, increased pulse and heart rates, gastrointestinal issues, and the on-off-again eating habits.

B) The Altered Behavioral Changes that Come Along with Teen Anxiety Depression.

C) Rejection, oppression, and peer pressure are the most common issues that provoke teen anxiety depression that more or less provides too much challenge when it comes to remedy.

There are other branches leading out from teen anxiety depression. One of which is the obsessive-compulsive disorder. Eating disorders and the fear of germs and dirt are among the common symptoms of such. Teenagers who suffer from teen anxiety depression often sulk in one place alone thereby rejecting friends and family’s support.

Teen Anxiety Depression Medication
Psychiatrists are the ones whom parents mostly turn to when their teenage children get into the teen anxiety depression state. As part of the medication, there are psychiatric drugs that are given to the patients. One of which is the stress hormone known as cortisol. There are several classes of anxiety medicine prescribed by the doctors. They are the beta-blockers, mild tranquilizers, anti depressant, anti convulsants, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and benzodiazepines that may come with the brand labels of Librium or Valium.