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Teen Depression Test: Going Into The Biological Factors

Depressed teenagers are common scenario and they eventually increase in number as the days pass by. In an average number of a hundred teenagers, at least 10 suffer from the so-called teen depression. Yearly diagnosis of the condition shows how the rate of the affected teens rises and how the afflicted ones multiply. The most remarkable signs that must be looked into with the kids are drug and alcohol abuse, failing grades, improper sexual behavior, and the adverse effect of peer pressure on them.

Teen depression results in grave effects on the teenager’s behavior, thoughts, feelings and health. The condition will just worsen and become even harder to cure when such depression continues to be ignored, unnoticed and left untreated. At some point, it can also be fatal like when the teen starts to ponder about committing suicide. It is best to get help from the professionals if your child starts to manifest the common symptoms of teen depression. Do not just wait for the worst things to happen.

The Two Types of Teen Depression
In general, there are two classes of teen depression which the younger generation tends to suffer from. The first one is called the major depression or otherwise known by the terms dysthmia or reactive depression. This type of teen depression is greatly related to the feelings of sadness and being downtrodden. The second type is known as the manic depression or also termed as bipolar. It is associated with the feelings that range from elation going towards devastation that occurs in a cycling manner.

The Treatment of Teen Depression
Aside from the medications as prescribed by the reputed doctors, the teen who suffers from depression is also advised to take counseling. With counseling, the afflicted person gets to talk to trained professionals and the latter are able to detect the causes and factors surrounding the teen depression attack. They are as well able to recommend the most suited treatment.

Anti depressants are always given as part of the medication process. Within a short period of time, depending on the state of the depression, the teenage child gets back to live normally and wholly as he or she once used to.

The Conducted Teen Depression Tests
Patients who seek the help of doctors order a series of blood tests for the T3 and T4 thyroid hormones and the prolactin and TSH for the brain hormones. It is noted that teen depression may be affected by some biological factors so doctors first see to it that tests are given to the patient in order to create a more profound diagnosis. Relatively, when the TSH is high and then the prolactin level settles at the normal rate, the conclusion is led to the fact that the patient may be hypothyroid so there is the need to take in thyroid hormones for more energy supplement and lessen the risk of blood vessel and heart damages.