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Vietnamese PTSD

"Vietnamese PTSD" is a term frequently searched for by people on the internet, but there is not much information available on it. Here, you will get information on "Vietnamese PTSD". Vietnamese suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of the war which Vietnam had once faced. War lasted for many years and one of the main aftermaths of the war was PTSD. For more information on PTSD, read Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Is A State, Contingent Upon Happening Of An Event.

War is an experience in anyone's life that can leave many dreadful marks on the mind of the person. Soldiers involved in the war and survivors of the war suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.


Soldiers suffer most in the war because they kill many people and are guilty of killing others. Survivors of war are also not able to forget the horrible experience. That is the reason why people in Vietnam suffer from PTSD. Even years after the war, people are not able to get over it.

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