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What Causes Teen Depression And How It Can Affect You?

It is not clear what factors contribute to teen depression. Some are saying that it is caused by emotional factors while others say that biological factors contribute to teen depression. There are even cases wherein it is the combination of both these plus other factors that lead to teen depression. Whatever the reason is, the effects and the result to teenagers are always the same.

Teen depression factors and what you should know about them.

1) Genes
As they say, depression can run in the genes. Your parents, grandparents and those before them might have undergone the same things. So it will not come as a surprise that you will experience depression during your lifetime.

The connection make researchers believe that genes may have something to do with depression. But because depression can sometimes lapse certain generation only to be seen at the next, this should not be generalized. However, it is true that there is a higher possibility for those with histories of teen depression to acquire the symptoms and the ordeal.

2) Environment
Your environment can play a role in acquiring teen depression. Examples of this are when you have experienced death in the family or the separation of your parents. It is very much likely that you will have a hard time accepting the situation. You will come to the point that you will blame yourself.

When you come to this point, your emotions will take the better of you. You probably would want to just be by yourself and think thoughts that will lead to your depression. Another example of environmental factor is peers. Since you are always together with your friends, everything that they do would be imitated by you. If you chance upon the wrong crowd, you can be lead to addiction or pressure that you find too hard to handle.

3) Personality
According to experts, those who have lower self-esteem and have negative outlook in life have the tendency to experience teen depression. This is also the same case for those who surrender easily to stress. Personality is molded over time. It goes way back to the kind of upbringing that your parents gave you. Persons that succumb to teen depression or suicide mostly come from an unhappy family. They are also the ones that have experienced trauma in their younger years.

Teenagers with a problematic childhood background will experience its effects when they are growing up. Even if it does not lead to depression, it would still appear later on in their adult lives. These are the most common factors that are banned as the causes of teen depression. Knowing about these things will prepare you if ever you are near or are at that certain stage in life.

If you already know that you have a family history of teen depression, always be aware of its symptoms so you can have the necessary treatment taken. Make sure that you do not let outside factors affect you. As much as possible, take the necessary precautions so that you will not become a part of the growing number of teenagers being ruined by teen depression.