Children And Stress

Anxiety Disorder in Children

Anxiety disorder in children is one of the most common health problems in the world. The total percentage of anxiety disorder in children is much more than that of adults. Approximately 18% of children suffer from anxiety disorders at one point of time or another.

There is an attendant risk of anxiety disorders in children becoming a lifetime disorder. This is because of negligence on the part of the parents. Parents think that symptoms such as restlessness, nightmares and feeling of hopelessness are normal in this age. According to doctors, this negligence can result inĀ  serious problems in the future. Always consult a doctor and get your child checked up to overcome the risk of further problems.

Children are more exposed to anxiety disorder because of following reasons

* Separation: - as the name suggests the main cause of anxiety disorder in children is due to separation from parents, friends, loved one or pets. This may lead to imaginative thoughts that might develop into anxiety disorder. As a result, they may refuse to go to school, lose interest in taking part in regular activities and become socially withdrawn.

In this case, doctors suggest treatment that may consist of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and drugs such as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs).

* Specific Phobia: - it occurs when a child shows symptoms such as baseless fears, restlessness or irrational behavior. Patients of phobia try to avoid the circumstances, which result in the phobias. A child may show symptoms such as crying, clinging or not moving. In this case no specific treatment is required until and unless the phobia hinders normal daily activities.

* Panic Disorder: - the symptoms of panic disorder are panic attacks and sudden abrupt rushes of intense fear. Some more common symptoms of panic attacks are high heartbeat, feeling of unreality, choking sensations, losing control over things, unnecessary movements of hands and legs. Children suffering from panic disorder generally show the feeling of fear. To overcome this problem there should be a combination of behavioral therapy and appropriate medication.

* Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD):- This disorder is the reason that leads to excessive worry regarding the different aspects of life. This can affect the studies of the child as they start worrying about almost everything. This worry is generally unrealistic and uncontrollable.

Children suffering from GAD often complain about body pain, restlessness, lack of concentration and sleeping problems. SSRIs are recommended by the doctors in order to overcome this disorder.

* Social Phobia: - Children suffering from this disorder are shy compared to other children. They are unable to express themselves in public, as they fear that they may appear foolish. This can be prevented by encouraging them to participate in group activities such as group speaking, sports or writing.

These are the some of the reasons that causes anxiety disorder in children. It is advisable that you take your child to a doctor for a professional consultation and treatment in case you feel your child is suffering from an anxiety disorder.