Children And Stress

Dealing With Stress at School- Catch up with the rest of class!

It is a universal truth that school time is the best time in our life, although it is right to some extent, there are a lot of things in the school that might give stress to us. Those may be school homework, classes, papers to write, problems to solve, the persistent need to keep up with reading and sometimes it is taxing class work to catch up with the rest of the class. Catching up with friends, keeping the parents happy also becomes stressful in school life and sometimes you simply say the heck with it. Although these are the best times of our life, due to this stress it becomes one of the worst, too.

 When it comes to stress in school, there are a lot of reason to be stressed out. For instance, the pressure of school work to be done in some specific time schedule or before the deadline have the bearing on your stress. And running between mathematics to chemistry to literature to history classes gives more stress to the student and you are just like a formula 1 driver catching up with it a rapidly navigating a series of  S-curves and all that to cope with it.

The biggest problem with the school stress is that there is no alternative to it and you have to do it whether you like it or not. To keep your stress under check, you should maintain the prioritized list of tasks, if you are doing a task just now, don't worry about other things, just complete it and then move to the next one.

While you are learning some thing, just give a break after every 15 minutes and lean back and stretch your shoulders and neck, stand up and walk for a while in the room in every hour. Just give a break to your mind and go back to it again.

 Decide the place where you want to study, never try to read it on bed lest you should fall asleep, even don't sit on the desk if you think the place is not sufficient to keep all your study books, even don't try it on a comfortable chair which you think you may fall asleep. Find out a place where you can focus on the study until you complete it. And try to do it in time so that it may not result in stress on you.

It is not that you should avoid all sorts of entertainment while you are studying, you can take a break from the routine work and can see television or play games on computer, but you must have the will power to be back to your study. Although relaxation is a nice thing to be free from stress, too much of relaxation or entertainment may affect the homework, so, you should avoid the television or computer games until you have done the home work.

Keep your school work doing in time as it would bring less stress in school life, although it is hard to say that what you need to do, try to manage the time in a best manner that might bring the best moments of life.