Children And Stress

Dealing with Teenage Stress

Teenage years are the best years of our life. However teens can be a very stressful period. During this period  there is a tendency to develop stress. This is called teenage stress. During this age, teens are torn apart on account of various conflicting interest and have to deal with a lot of stress. They have no place to turn to and the stress just keeps on building up.

Teenagers have a number of opportunities to deal with stress. They can get help from a number of people. The sad part is that they don’t know where to turn to. Schools have counselors who are supposed to help teenagers. Counselors however are largely confined to their offices and wait for teenagers to walk in and talk to them. It is up to teenagers to take the opportunity to walk into a counselor’s office and get their advice. Counselors can also take the initiative by talking to troubled teens, themselves. This would help teens to find an outlet to release their stress.

Counselors took up the opportunity to guide teens because they are genuinely interested in helping them. Helping teens out with their troubles is a very rewarding experience for counselors. They get a great sense of satisfaction when they do their job.

Teachers are the best guides to help teens deal with stress. Teachers may be harsh in the schools but they are the best counselors. They understand teen stress better because these people have known them, and have been through the phase themselves. The teachers understand the stress that teens face from a dispassionate standpoint. They are able to help teens deal with their stress in a friendly and non critical manner.

This breathes fresh air in the stress factor of the teenager. The teenager will relish the answers the teacher will provide. In the end, the teenager will realize that their major stress problems are solved. 

Parents are also great tools to remove the stress from their teens. It is a matter of great regret that teens and parents are not able to work on a common platform for mutual benefit.