Children And Stress

Stress In Children Due To Brain Injury

Stress and children ought to be poles apart. Children have double capacity to create and remove stress among the elders, by their rants and tantrums. Let us assume for a while that children do not have serious stress causing habits like smoking and drinking. As for problems related to poverty the perspective of children is entirely different. Children are capable of enjoying their difficulties and hence they don't have stress on this account.

The story seems so nice and simple. But this is not the case always. There are some kinds of stress that not only affect the naive child severely, but also becomes a great cause of stress to the parents. Brain injury is one such condition.

The trauma related to brain injury amongst children is the real cause of stress not only to the suffering child but to the elders as well. Thanks to the advancement in the field of medical research, many types of brain injuries can be cured completely. But many such injuries take a long time to heal.

Many a times, children remain in comma for a long period of time which is full of uncertainties. What will be the state of their health, by the time they regain consciousness is a matter of conjecture. This apart, brain injuries may even result in partial or total paralysis in some cases.

The greatest problem of the child is when it begins to compare itself with the other healthy children. If the child has a total or partial paralysis attack, its normal schooling stands terminated and this could be the reason for the greatest stress on its part. It is a stark fact now that the educational career of the child has come to en end. Life-long dependency on others for sundry jobs is another cause of stress.

Generally, most of the countries have social security schemes to assist such physically handicapped children. Whatever may be the facilities provided to them, the basic fact remains that the children have become dependent on others for their livelihood, and this itself would be a major cause of stress when the children begin to grow.

Whatever be the level of social security, the individual problems of the children, consequent to the brain injury shall remain their own problems. Well timed out support to their physical, educational and dietary needs would definitely lighten the burden of their problems but there could be no permanent solution. A loving, understanding and supportive society is only their hope. Only time can heel the intensity of their stress.