Children And Stress

Dealing with Childhood Stress

Childhood is a sensitive age during which children learn new things and have experiences, the memories of which last for a lifetime. In the modern day, children are prone to stress and anxiety because of a number of reasons.

A child experiences stress and anxiety due to circumstances over which the child has little or no control. The reasons could vary from the birth of a sibling to moving to a new neighborhood.

Family strife, broken homes, peer pressure and the expectation to perform in academics are a few of the other reasons that may cause stress among children. Children of working parents and divorcees may be more prone to stress, as they do not get desired attention and care.

Stress in children is manifest in various ways. A child may experience physical symptoms such as headaches, disturbed sleep and nightmares or emotional symptoms such as anxiety, stubborn behavior and anger.

Parents can play an important role in helping their children deal with stress. Following are some of the tips that parents can follow in helping children deal with stress.

Build your child’s self-confidence about sense of worth.
Encourage your child to ask questions.
Listen to your child without being critical.
Encourage your child to play outdoors in games with other children.
Allow your child the opportunities to make choices and have a controlled life.
Provide a safe, secure, familiar, consistent, and dependable home.
Spend calm, relaxed time with your children.
Seek professional advice when signs of stress persist.

We should recognize the fact that each child has a unique personality and character. Children should be treated with respect and dignity. A child should never be discouraged because of the fact that he or she is facing stress. We should strive to the maximum extent to make sure that the child’s transition to adolescence and adulthood is smooth and free of troubles.