Stress Management

Cortisol Prepares Body To Fight Against Stress

Cortisol is an important hormone in our body. It is secreted by the adrenal glands and is referred to as “the stress hormone" as it is secreted in greater levels in response to stress; it is responsible for a number of stress-related changes in the body. Hence cortisol and stress are closely related.

When you are under stress, there is increased production of hormones within you and that disturbs the glucose levels. You become more and more hungry and go on eating without rhyme or reason. Overeating is a disease. To get more information on “your diet, cortisol and stress” read the articles vitamin C and stress management and diet and stress management

When we are undergoing stress anxiety, cortisol prepares our body to fight against it.

Usually, it is present in the body in greater quantity in the morning and is at its lowest at night. Its secretion levels vary from person to person in the same situation. Research has proved that people whose secretion levels are higher in response to stress, tend to eat more and food which is higher in carbohydrates as compared to those who secrete lesser cortisol. Being more perceptive to stress, it is particularly important for you to maintain a low-stress lifestyle and learn stress management techniques.