Stress Management

Stress and Exercise

Research has proved that physical exercise is the one of the essential components of managing and coping with stress. Exercise increases your overall health and your sense of well-being. It puts the pep back into your steps and enables you to take on the challenges of every new day.

Exercise in any form is good for fighting stress, but its best when you combine your exercise with an activity that is relaxing and enjoyable. In case you feel that running, walking or jogging is a monotonous exercise, then take up a sport like volleyball, badminton or squash. That way you combine exercise with entertainment and help yourself to burn off stress.

Physical exercise has well documented benefits. Exercise helps to strengthen your cardiovascular system by making the blood vessels more elastic, increasing oxygen supply strengthening your heart and lowering cholesterol levels.

Exercise is also a very effective stress management tools. It provides an outlet to your emotions of frustration, irritability and anger. It helps you to adopt a more positive outlook towards life. Exercise induces positive changes in our mood by releasing feel good chemicals called endorphins.

Exercise, thereby makes our body function properly and makes you feel relaxed due to stress reduction and you can experience refreshed, deep and restful sleep. It improves the functioning of our immune system and helps our body fight off not just minor maladies such as colds and influenza, but also major diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Exercise has additional benefits. Most of us do not worry, when we exercise, as we are involved in an activity that channelizes our energies. Increased availability of oxygen and blood flow to the brain helps to improve our concentration and focus on tasks at hand.

Managing stress and symptoms of stress is necessary to prevent stressful situations from overwhelming us. Exercise is one of the best ways to come out of a stressful situation without harm to ourselves.