Stress Management

Stress Management and Mastery, How to Handle Change?

In recent years, I have found that it very difficult, probably impossible to handle change. My husband and friends have been telling me this for a number of years, but I have never been convinced. I have come to realize that I cannot tolerate things that are beyond my control.

I have realized that it is near impossible for me to handle change effectively.  I really was not convinced about this fact when my husband and friends told me about this weakness of mine a long time ago. I cannot bear or tolerate changes that are beyond my reach. In fact, I become fed up. In reality, when I want a change, it becomes impossible for me to tackle the situation. As a result, I become stressed out.

Many people do not like change. The fact of the matter is that they do not know how to respond to the change. They respond to the change in a very poor fashion. Change is something which resembles the restless nature of the waves of the ocean.  There is a lot of power in the concept called change in modern terminology. The word change can let you down.

It can either raise you up or let you down. It totally depends upon your will power whether you can survive both positive and negative change in your life. You need to handle change in a  mature way without letting the stress factor come into your life.
Sometimes the waves of change put you down both mentally and physically. We react to change and become something like a dead cockroach, lying on our backs with our feet up in the ground, totally lifeless. In such situation people curse themselves and their luck. They wonder why bad tidings have come over them. They tend to take such things personally.

Surviving any change, negative or positive, boosts our confidence. In order to do so  you need to adopt an optimistic approach. Such an approach will really save you and enable you to become stress free. The survival in change is not the only factor. You should not dwell too much on the past. You should not lament about negative changes. Never waste precious time and energy in blaming your luck. Just tackle change, head on.