Stress Management

Stress Management Techniques

In this era of competition, stress is inevitable.  Increasing workloads and the fast pace of life both combine to create a lot of stress.  Stress is harmful and can be a leading cause of heart disease.
There are techniques meant for the management of stress. These techniques are a self care strategy which can help us lead a stress free life.

Some of them are given below

* Eat breakfast on a daily basis.
* Sleep 7 hours daily. 
* Give up or avoid smoking.
* Stay away from alcohol, caffeine and other drugs.
* Eat wholesome foods in their natural form and avoid highly processed foods.
* Cut down on your weight.
* Get regular exercise.
* Drink as much as water you can.

Relaxation Techniques

* Jump up to a count of 300.
* Roll your head and torso from side to side.
* Tense the muscles and relax them.
* Take a deep breath up to a count of 4. Exhale to a count of 4. Repeat 4 times.
* Repeat the word calm and massage your forehead.
* Walking is a best way to relax. Walk at least 10000 steps a day.
* Meditation can keep you calm and quiet. Meditate for a minimum 20 minutes a day.
* Close your eyes and listen to music.
* Train your self to cat nap for 10 to 12 minutes.

Time Management

Manage your time. 
Learn how to delegate. Do not attempt to do everything yourself.
Try to invest so that you can get the  highest return on your investment.
Plan your day according to your energy levels.
Think about the new ideas for success. Always plan your daily activities. 
Set some realistic life goals and work accordingly.
Give up the relationships which make you feel uncomfortable.
Be assertive about your boundaries but be respectful when you outline them.
Take up responsibilities which suit you the most.

Remember the 4 things that matters the most

Always remember the following four phrases. Please forgive me, I forgive you, Thank you and I Love you. Always give priority to your primary or important relationships. 

Do not try to control those things which you can't.  Have a very clear idea of your values and principles. Do not have unrealistic expectations of yourself and about others.

Negative attitude and outlooks, trying to keep secrets, listening to gossip, taking more than you can  physically or emotionally handle are all counterproductive and ill advised. Lack of balance in all areas of your life, lack of faith in the future, unhealthy habits, negative self-talk. All these things should be avoided to be free from stress.